Sin Makes No Sense


David’s firstborn son, Amnon, attacks his half-sister Tamar because he is desiring after her body. He could have asked to marry her, but it seems he did not love her, just lusted after her.

Girls, never confuse someone wanting your body with them loving you. They are being selfish and loving themselves. Stay away!

Tamar tells him he will be a fool if he commits this sin. He does it anyway and then hates her cruelly.

Tamar is destined to live alone, to never marry or have children. I don’t know why she never marries later after Amnon is killed.

Tamar’s whole brother is Absalom. Absalom plots for two years and then kills Amnon for what he did to his sister. Absalom then flees to live with his grandfather.

Why does Amnon risk his life, his kingdom, his future, and his reputation for a fleeting moment of self-satisfaction?

This is the power of sin over the unsaved person. In John 8, we read how Jesus said that anyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. It is our slave driver. In Romans 6, Paul commands us not to let sin reign over us. We’re not to let sin rule our actions, decisions, thoughts, lives.

Sin leads to death. Sin is death. Choosing sin is choosing death in our lives. When will we come to realize, that we need to never sin? Sin isn’t something we can’t help but choose and just get forgiven for and keep doing every day. We’re told to put to death the old man and put on the new man.

We are told to walk in holiness. We are told we are presented blameless before the Father. Sin separates us from God. We don’t get that free, bold access to God the Father without holiness.

Yes, we can’t help but sin. That’s why it is impossible with man to be saved. BUT, with God it is possible!

Christ lives in and through us. The power that overcame death is the power that overcomes sin in our lives. Clinging to sin claiming we can’t help ourselves is denying God’s salvation that He’s offered us. He’s offered us freedom from sin, freedom from death, freedom to live in His righteousness, freedom to have full access to the so great salvation purchased for us by the blood of Christ.