Iroquois Shoes

Iroquois_(probably)_moccasins,_early_1700s_-_Bata_Shoe_Museum_-_DSC00649Moccasins were the typical footwear worn by American Native Indian tribes.  Depending on the location and lifestyle of the tribe, the moccasins used varied in color, style and design.  Typically, moccasins were made from tanned hides of animals.  Sometimes they were decorated with portions of porcupine quills and colored with vegetable dyes.


Snowshoes made getting around in snow easier for the American Native Indian tribes.  The wooden frames could be strapped to moccasins.  The shape of the snowshoes allowed for weight to be spread out which kept the wearer from sinking into the snow.  The style of snowshoes used by the Iroquois is known as Bearpaw.