Setting Up for the New Year


When you are ready to set up courses for next year, there are two ways to go about it.

You will go to the Settings page, Parents-Settings, on

First Option

On the Settings page, click on Set Level and Theme above the course blocks. That will set all the courses to the next level and theme. To choose your theme, find your current one and pick the next on the list. If you used Modern History, cycle back to Ancient History.

You can then tweak any individual course by click on Previous Course or Next Course in that course block.

Parent Add-Ons and courses added from the Extras page would not be affected.

Second Option

You can go through and click on Next Course in each course block. For the most part, this will give you the correct next course.

For the themes, if you were using Modern History but weren’t in the 4th or 8th level, then you would need to use Previous Course to move back to Ancient History (and Biology) for your appropriate level.


You may want to go ahead and set your student back to Day 1. I didn’t have it change automatically in case your child wants to keep counting their days of school (although Day 100 has an Easter Egg). You change the day number on the Settings page, just above the “Students” section. Type 1 into the “Change Day Number” box. Click anywhere on the page to save.