Set Your Heart to Seek the Lord 2


Rehoboam was shaken into reality when he lost his father’s magnificent kingdom just like that. It knocks some sense into him and he listens to God’s word spoken through a man of God. But when he is strengthened, because of those among them who were set on seeking the Lord, he starts feeling confident.

He has built cities for defense, like Bethlehem, fortified their walls. He was feeling more secure.

They abandon the law of the Lord. It says “all Israel with him.” Because they are unfaithful to the Lord, the king of Egypt is allowed to attack.

Rehoboam gets the fear of the Lord quickly when the Egyptians make their way to Jerusalem. He and his people humble themselves in the sight of the Lord. They acknowledge God instead of turning to other gods or to themselves.

They lose all that wealth that Solomon and David had acquired, but they are saved themselves and keep their kingdom.

We’re even told that conditions were good in Judah after this and that Rehoboam grew strong there. He gets to reign 17 years.

We’re told his mother was an Ammonite. The Israelites were supposed to take the land of the Ammonites and devote every living thing to destruction.

They didn’t obey that command and Rehoboam is born. He’s not rejected because of his blood. He’s accepted when he seeks and acknowledges the Lord. He’s rejected when he’s not doing that.

We see how the Lord accepts all who set their hearts to seek Him.