When you combine sentences into stories and reports, they should flow together naturally. Here are some things to think about when writing.

Sentences should be of different lengths.

  • Some should be short.
  • Some should be longer, and they should include more information since there’s always more to tell.

Related, the sentences should be of different types.

  • Some should tell.
  • Some should ask, why?
  • Some should exclaim!

Sentences should start in different ways.

  • Then I…should never be used, and certainly not in every sentence!
  • Sentence starters can include: after coming home, while we were there, forgetting what time it was, if you think,…

Sentences should connect with transitions.

  • Try using connecting words such as however, although, unfortunately, etc.


  1. Think of a sentence that starts with while.
  2. Change this sentence into an interrogative (a question): We will miss them when they are gone.