Seek the Truth

  1. I am so sad writing about Israel in 1 Kings 17 because it makes me despairing for the church today. How is it any different?
  2. 1 Kings 17 says that the Israelites went after false idols and became false. I thought that was a fascinating phrase. They became false.
  3. I’ve written about how the Israelites were given what they desired and what they feared. It seems this is another instance. They sought after false idols and became the thing they sought, false.
  4. Can we catch the vision to seek God and become like Him? To seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and become righteous and bearers of His kingdom?
  5. They became false. They were living lies. They were no longer children of God even though they called themselves after His name and offered sacrifices to His name.
  6. I met a woman who was an unknowing Satan worshiper. She called herself a Christian and was sure she was a follower of Jesus, but all she could talk about was Satan and demons and power. She followed Satan as an antichrist, a replacement Christ. She sang the Christian songs. She quoted the Bible verses, but she attributed to Satan all the power and attention he longs to have. It was horrifically unsettling. I don’t know where she stands today. We had a few conversations over a few days when we were together at an event and each time it brought her to tears when I spoke about my relationship with Jesus. She knew that’s not what she lived and wanted it. My advice to her was to forget everything she thought she knew and just sit at Jesus’ feet and read His Word in the Bible, to have a first date and get to know each other again.
  7. 1 Kings 17 records that they appointed for themselves “all sorts of people as priests” of the high places.
  8. They let any ol’ person be a priest and offer the sacrifices. They didn’t turn to God as their authority. They let anyone set up and tell them and show them how it was to be done. They followed liars and learned a lie.
  9. Let’s be seekers of truth, that we may find the Truth.