Seek First


I don’t know if this is how it played out, but from the way this story is told, it seems that there had been a famine for three years and then David asked why, learned what to do, did it, and then God ended the famine.

Did you ever have a trouble that you didn’t go to the Lord with?

We need to seek Him first. There was a sin behind this trouble. It wasn’t David’s sin, but it was something David could do something about.

When there is a trouble, a pain, a sickness, a distress, an annoyance, whatever it is that is knocking you off your normal path, stop and take it to God. Seek Him.

If you give your days and time to the Lord for Him to control and order, then you should take anything coming across your path knocking you off your course as certainly from Him.

Stop and acknowledge Him. Give thanks and ask what should be done with it.

If you don’t know, you wait. You wait with thanksgiving because the Lord is in control and you trust Him to take care of it or make you know what you need to do. We may not trust ourselves to “hear” God, but we need to trust that He’s big enough and smart enough to know how to get His message across.

Did you ever spend years with your Bible reading being dry and unfruitful? Did you ever spend years feeling like your prayers weren’t getting anywhere? Did you ever stop and ask God why? Have you sought Him until you found Him and got the answer and had your relationship restored?

We need to know what it is like to walk in relationship with Jesus so that when something is amiss, we recognize it quickly and act.

Can you trust that God is at work in your life and in the circumstances of your life?

Believe that things happen for a reason. Give thanks for them because God is in control and has good purposes in everything!

Seek Him and don’t give up. Our salvation comes from God alone. Wait on Him. He will show you the path of life.