See Him There

  1. Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways… (Job 26:14).
  2. Job was describing some of the mighty acts of God and then says these are just the edges of His ways. We’re just seeing a little of all He does.
  3. We don’t see all God does for us, but you can see some things if you choose to see Him in your life, in your day.
  4. Let me explain. If you just go about your day not expecting to see God, not expecting Him to intervene in anything, not expecting He’s taking care of the details for you, then you won’t see Him there.
  5. But, if you put your life into God’s hands, you need to realize your life isn’t random; it’s in His control. If you ask Him to order your day, then you need to trust the things that come your way were ordained by Him. If you ask Him to teach you or to make you like Jesus, then you need to trust that the things you are experiencing are Him doing just that.
  6. For instance, I trust the Lord to wake me up each day at the time of His choosing. I have done this for decades, trusting that if I’m woken up, the Lord is calling me to Himself, to get up and do quiet time.
  7. There were years when I was getting up around 4am. When the Lord started waking me up at one or two, I asked Him if He was really still intending for me to get up. I asked if I was understanding right. He answered to assure me that’s what He was asking of me. For a week, every time I first opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it read 3:37, which is LEE upside down. I saw it right away and took it as the Lord calling my name, calling me to Himself. On the last day, I woke up and it was light outside. I was relieved to have been able to sleep in. I rolled over and the clock was flashing 3:37. The power had gone out. It wasn’t about me getting up super early or at a certain time. It was about coming when called and trusting Him in it.
  8. See Him in the details!