Roman Children

Roman children were chosen by their fathers. A father could reject a baby and it would be left to die. Sons were more important to the fathers. A man could divorce his wife if she did not give him a son. That wife might have been married as a young teenager and often didn’t live long lives because life was hard, though wealthy women were served by slaves.


Only boys from wealthy families went to school. Some of the wealthy girls would have been taught at home by educated slaves. Kids from other families worked to help their families.


Poor families didn’t have meat since it was a luxury. They didn’t even necessarily have a kitchen in their homes and had to take their food to the baker, who literally baked their food for them. Wealthy families had kitchens and slaves to cook for them. They ate meats such as rabbit, goat, and pigeon as well as beef, pork, chicken, and fish.

Families had pet dogs, birds, and monkeys. Children’s toys included balls, dolls, toy soldiers, and board games.



(pictures: public domain)