Restoring Worship


We read through the clans of Israel, the descendants of Adam coming through the lines of Jacob, Israel. We’ve slipped over into chapter nine of First Chronicles. This is also a list of names, but it details those who lived in Jerusalem after the exile.

It was because of a broken faith that they were forced to leave. The first to return are the people of faith, the priests and Levites. The temple is the first thing repaired in Jerusalem and those who serve the temple are the first to live there again.

If the worship isn’t right, then the rest of it wouldn’t matter.

They didn’t worship the one true God. They didn’t love Him with their whole hearts. They didn’t serve Him. They served other gods. They broke faith. They didn’t trust in the Lord and called on other gods for help.

It led to an end of their wealth, their power, their victories, their possession. None of that could last without their worship being set on the right thing, and it was never going to be restored without it either.

After this restoration period and a long pause, Jesus will come. There will be another breach of faith, and their temple and city will be destroyed again.

However, the temple and city will be restored again. But, it won’t happen until right worship is restored.

Jesus doesn’t want worship from people with a proud heart or who have given themselves over to sin. Jesus wants to be worshiped in Spirit and in truth.

He doesn’t want worship that is in the flesh, worship that follows rules and methods trying to earn a reward.

He doesn’t want worship that shouts and claps and makes lots of noise that’s just a clanging sound to Him because they are worshiping a god they created in their own image that accepts their sins and doesn’t make any demands of them.

Jesus wants worshipers who know and celebrate Him in His glory and majesty, in His holiness and purity, in fear and in love.