Rest in His Light

  1. Psalm 95 sounds to me like it was cut off. It ends with, “They shall not enter my rest.” Usually psalms start with the trouble and end with the hope. This ends with the biggest trouble there could be.
  2. Entering into God’s rest is where our salvation lies. It’s where we rest from our works, no longer seeking to save ourselves in our own strength but rely on God alone for our salvation.
  3. Our rest is where we sink into the arms of our loving Father to care for us, protect us, provide for us, feed us His word, give us drink of His Spirit, and fully sustain us with His life.
  4. It’s why we can sing and shout joyfully. It’s why we worship and bow down. It’s why we can be thankful we’re just a sheep in His hand.
  5. Psalm 96 sounds like a repeat of many other psalms except for the last verse. It says, “He is coming, for He is coming to judge the earth.”
  6. Jesus is returning. There will be a great day of judgment.
  7. We want to be glad in that day. We want to stand before Him “in the beauty of holiness.”
  8. Psalm 97 gives an emphatic command. “You who love the Lord, hate evil!” They are opposed to each other. Are the things on your screens good or evil? Hate evil. It shouldn’t be fun entertainment.
  9. Here’s an interesting verse. “Light is sown for the righteous.” If light is sown, then light is reaped. But the righteous aren’t the ones sowing. It is being sown for us. We receive light from a place of rest. It’s a gift to us. Jesus is the light of the world. If we are in Christ, we receive light. We get to walk in His light. His light shines and shows the way to go. His light shines and exposes what needs removing from our lives. His light shines in and through us and God is glorified.