1. We have a picture of revival in 2 Chronicles 29.
  2. The evil leadership is dead. Have you prayed for God to remove the fat, lazy, greedy shepherds from over His people? Have you asked God to remove from leadership in your church those who refuse to repent when God shows them their sin?
  3. Hezekiah, in his first move as king, sets out to have the house of the Lord repaired and offerings and worship restored.
  4. What’s your move? You may not be able to take over leadership in your church, but you have authority in some area of your life. If you are a father, you have authority in your home to make repairs. If you are a child, you have authority within your own life to make repairs.
  5. What repairs are needed?
  6. The priests carried out the filth. Everything impure was removed from the Holy Place.
  7. If your very body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, what filth remains? What impurity is there?
  8. First, of course, you need to cut off taking in more filth and impurity! We are commanded to set our minds and hearts on things above where Christ sits in the heavenly places.
  9. Can you watch the things you watch and have your mind set on things above?
  10. Are you wanting things for yourself, for your life, that aren’t the things of God?
  11. Remove the impurities. Remove the filth.
  12. This is a joy, not a burden. This chapter ends with rejoicing. It’s not legalism to turn from the things of this world. It’s what our heart desires when we are desiring after God!
  13. Set your heart to love God and seek Him and you will want the filth gone. Ask for help cleaning it out, Hezekiah did. God is ready and willing to help!
  14. A couple of weeks pass and then they hold a big offering and worship ceremony.
  15. The whole kingdom turned around in a couple of weeks. It’s described as happening suddenly. The Lord was already there, waiting to take them back. They just had to turn back to Him.

And the people rejoiced.