Rejoice in Goodness


“Let your saints rejoice in your goodness.” That’s how 2 Chronicles 6 ends.

The word “let” felt awkward to me, like it was asking God to allow His holy and faithful ones to rejoice, so I went to look at the Hebrew.

There is no “let” or “may” word there. It’s more like this: Your saints rejoice in goodness. Or, your saints rejoice in prosperity.

The verb form in the Hebrew tells us this is an action that is not yet complete. That means it’s something that will happen in the future, or in this case, something that is happening but hasn’t finished.

In other words, may we always, now and always find ourselves rejoicing in God’s goodness.

We always have reason to recognize and rejoice in God’s goodness.

I don’t know what Solomon was thinking when he prayed that surrounded by gold and opulence. The treasures I rejoice in are God’s presence with me and the continual treasures of His wisdom and knowledge and teaching, the gift of getting to know Him day by day, more and more.

Rejoice and again rejoice. It’s ongoing and non-stopping. We’re to never come to an end of our rejoicing.

I feel like recent lessons have been on things we’ve talked about before. But Paul says to the Philippians that it’s not tedious for him to write to them the same things again, but that it provided safety for them that he do so.

We need to be reminded of these lessons. We see in Scripture what God’s people are like, forgetful!

Reminders are good. Speaking of, I have another series of teachings on the All-in-One Homeschool site called, By Way of Reminder. That title is from something Peter says in one of his letters about the need for reminding. We need reminders.

I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, rejoice! For God is good!