Recognize the Lord


We have another story of a good king gone bad. We read that his whole heart did not belong the Lord.

We can’t leave that little bit of room. That little crack will grow with time under pressure. It will erode away until it becomes a chasm between you and the Lord.

The first and greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Christians act like they can ignore the command because of Jesus’ blood. Jesus Himself said He didn’t come to destroy the law but fulfill it. His law fulfillment is in you if you are in Christ. That’s the good news, we can live in total fulfillment of the law and live at peace with God.

We can do it because God has put His love in us and love is all we are required to do. Love God. Love others. That’s the whole thing.

Love of self is not in there. Love of the things of the world is not in there. When we see those things in ourselves, we need to get them out.

That’s why fasting is a good tool. It’s a reminder of where the flesh belongs, not demanding attention and “feeding.” It needs to be quiet and submit to the law of God, love of others.

Amaziah listens to God’s prophet and trusts the Lord to deliver him. Then doesn’t acknowledge that it was God who saved them and turns to other gods.

The prophet says to him. “But go, act, be strong for the battle. Why should you suppose that God will cast you down before the enemy?”

That’s the kicker right there. When we worry, we are either believing God is not good, not in control, not able, or not loving.

Worrying is supposing God’s not working out His good purposes in your life.

Our go-to thought response should suppose that all things are working for our good, that God is acting in His power and authority to deliver and defend us, to build us up in Him, to bring about His kingdom purposes, and to glorify the name of Jesus.