Pulley Examples

Pulley Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
metal pulley with rope maybe used to hoist a bucket
Pulley Sailboat Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
pulley with two ropes, maybe used on a ship
Pulley system – Public Domain Photography Free Stock Photos for ...
wooden machine with belt and pulley system
Ms. Maxwell&Science Class
This shows pulling up on the rope after coming through the pulley and how the weight is cut in half.
workman using a pulley
Weightlifting Clip Art
a pulley is used on construction equipment
Pulley System
This system has two pulleys, the horse pulls forward and the rope goes through a pulley changing the direction which pulls down where the other pulley is so that the block is lifted up!
YKSD Physical Science Chapter 8, Lesson 6, Some Other Kinds of
flag poles use pulleys