Here’s the end of 2 Chronicles 31. “…he did what was good and right and faithful before the Lord his God. And every work that he undertook in the service of the house of God and in accordance with the law and the commandments, seeking his God, he did with all his heart, and prospered.

Hezekiah prospered. The Lord prospered him. Why?

There were two conditions that Hezekiah met. One, he did what was good and right and faithful and do all in accordance with the law and commandments.

We could sum that up and say he was righteous. He was doing the right thing, making the right decisions.

No one is righteous on their own, none. Our righteousness comes from God, but it’s an actual righteousness. Hezekiah was actually doing the right thing, not just forgiven of doing the wrong things. He was living in actual righteousness.

He had the Lord’s favor, His grace, because He humbled Himself before the Lord and set His heart and mind to serve the Lord. God met Him there and worked righteousness in Hezekiah.

As Christians, we are forgiven and washed clean, but then we are given Christ’s righteousness. God sees the perfect fulfillment of the law in us because He sees Christ’s righteousness.

But we have Christ’s righteousness. We should feel constrained to walk in that. It should feel bad when we deviate, causing us to turn back to God, repent, and thank Him for His forgiveness and cleansing. He can remove those things from us so we stay in a state of righteousness, blameless at all times before Him because we keep ourselves and He keeps us.

The second condition Hezekiah met for prospering is that he did everything seeking God with all His heart. In whatever Hezekiah was setting his hand to, he was seeking the Lord and His will. Hezekiah’s his whole heart was set on knowing and doing God’s will. That’s how he walked in righteousness, which is what brought the blessing of prosperity.