Presumptuous Sins

  1. The law of the Lord is perfect, clean, pure, true. It brightens our eyes and rejoices our hearts. It’s sweeter than honey and more desirable than gold.
  2. Is God’s word all that to you?
  3. Of course, it’s not just the words. The words are dead without the LIFE that’s behind them. Jesus is the Word. His Spirit makes the word in Scripture alive to us.
  4. If reading the Bible only feels like dead words, you are missing the Spirit life in the words. Ask God to teach you Himself, to make His word alive to you.
  5. When we pursue knowing God through His word, we are pursuing knowing Jesus. He is definitely sweeter than honey and more desirable than gold.
  6. If there is a breach in your fellowship with Christ, you had the life and now it’s missing, seek Him. Ask Him to show you if you’ve committed sin.
  7. David prays and asks to be kept from presumptuous sin. I looked up the definition on this one. The sacrifices cover unintentional sins and sins of ignorance. You didn’t know any better. Presumptuous sins wouldn’t fall into those categories. A presumptuous sin would be one where you knew it was wrong and you did it anyway.
  8. It’s presumptuous that we can just get God’s forgiveness no matter what, so it doesn’t matter what we do. God is abounding in love and mercy, but there are limits. God will not be mocked.
  9. We have no excuse before God. Even the heavens declare God’s glory. Day by day and night by night we are taught of God by just observing His heavens. His faithfulness is always on display. His greatness is always on display. His power is always on display. His glorious majesty is always on display in the grandeur of the heavens. No one is without excuse. No one can take Him lightly.
  10. See His handiwork. Hear His word. Honor your great and glorious God in all you do.