We skipped the end of 1 Samuel 16. We’ll come back to it where it seems to go in the chronology.

When David is among his brothers, he scoffs at Goliath for thinking he can defy God’s army.

We see similarities between Joseph and his brothers and David and his brothers. David is the younger brother sent on an errand to check on his older brothers. Joseph had his dream that he would rule over his brothers. David was anointed king seemingly right in front of his brothers. They would serve him one day.

It doesn’t sit well. His older brother accuses David of evil when he’s asking about fighting Goliath. He calls David presumptuous.

Let’s look at that word because that was Saul’s sin. He acted presumptuously when he offered the sacrifice instead of waiting on Samuel.

The dictionary definition is that someone is being presumptuous if they are overstepping boundaries.

Saul overstepped taking on the role of priest that he wasn’t consecrated to do.

David’s brother is accusing him of overstepping, coming to the battle when it wasn’t his place. He had permission to be there, being sent by his father, but it’s true that he wasn’t sent to fight.

I found this dagger of a definition at Grace Bible Fellowship dot com. “If faith is the assurance of things hoped for, presumption is the controlling of things wished for.”

It’s trying to play God, control the outcome. Saul wanted the Lord’s approval for His battle and was trying to get it for himself.

David doesn’t run out onto the field in defiance of his brother’s comments. He goes to Saul and gets permission.

Did you ever worry God wasn’t going to answer a prayer the way you wanted, so you helped things along? You intervened in some way because you couldn’t/wouldn’t trust God to take care of things? Presumption.