Pray for Your Head


Sheba is leading a rebellion. Sheba is not a good guy; he’s trying to take advantage of the frustration over Judah and usurp the kingship of Israel.

He was their leader. It only lasts a few days. The people of the town he takes refuge in cut off his head to end the rebellion.

Those who took up following him as their leader were quickly disappointed.

I entitled this lesson, “Pray for Your Head.” I asked the Lord what the lesson should be and this is where he led. It seemed strange at first, since he was a bad leader and ironic, since he lost his head, but then I started to see connections.

Christ is our head, as the body of Christ, and He doesn’t need our prayers. We pray to Him, not for Him. We give Him our thanks and praise.

Mostly, when I think of head, I think of husbands. My husband is my head just as Christ is the head of the church. But even if you don’t have a husband, you probably have a head, a leader whose decisions impact your life. We all have several people over us. It could a pastor, a boss, and certainly local, state/territory, and national leaders.

My son has physical therapy trying to learn to use a walker. We’re always telling him to put his nose where he wants his toes to go. (He’s 9 at the time of writing.) You turn your head and your body follows.

If your head is directing your path, you want it taking you where you want to go. Hopefully where you want to go is where God is sending you.

We need to pray for our heads to be in the Lord’s will. We need to pray that our heads seek, know, and submit to God’s direction.

Those heads who aren’t seeking God really need us to pray. We can submit to God for them and intercede, asking for the Lord’s will to be done through them, even despite them.

Your prayers are more powerful than your head’s choices. Here’s what the Lord says about the pagan King Cyrus. “He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please.” (Isaiah 44:28) God says this even though Cyrus does not acknowledge Him.

Giving up on your head is demonstrating a lack of faith that God hears and answers prayer. God can take care of it. If a head needs chopping off, let Him handle it. You just pray.