Praise Him

  1. Psalm 150 only has one thing to say and is a fitting sentiment to end with. Praise the Lord! It’s always a good time to praise Him. There is always a reason to praise Him. He is who He is no matter what’s going on. And who He is is worthy of praise.
  2. He is good! He is love. He is just. He is righteous. He is honorable. He is mighty. He is powerful. He is exalted as head over all. He is majestic. He is kind. He is compassionate. He is merciful. He is jealous for us. He is devoted in His love toward us. He is holy. He is gracious. He offers us salvation. He draws near to us and draws us near to Him. He is the great God! In other psalms it talks about proclaiming continually, “The Great God!” if you love God’s salvation.
  3. Psalm 150 encourages us to praise Him for his mighty deeds and His excellent greatness. He is the great God! It’s something our lips and hearts can always be shouting! The psalm says if you are breathing, you should be praising God.
  4. Psalm 150 also gives us many ideas for how to praise the Lord.
  5. He should be praised in the sanctuary and in the heavens.
  6. We can praise him with all sorts of instruments: trumpet, lute, harp, tambourine, strings, pipe, and loud crashing cymbals.
  7. We can also praise Him with dance.
  8. I first did worship dance as a ten-year old, dancing at my church. In college I started a liturgical dance group and we danced at local churches. And, just at my local dance recital, I performed to songs like Amazing Grace and Love Crucified Arose.
  9. In 2023, I bought a lyre after reading in one of the psalms, “Play skillfully on an instrument of ten strings.” I said to the Lord, “That’s something I’m not obeying,” and asked Him what He thought of me getting a ten-string lyre.
  10. Now, I play it a little every day. The Lord and I write psalms together. He enjoys me singing them to Him. 😊
  11. There’s always a reason and a way to praise the Lord.