Pioneer Packing

What did they take with them?

They would take as many supplies as they could with them. Some of the the food they would take included: yeast for baking, crackers, cornmeal, bacon, eggs, dried meat, potatoes, rice, beans, and a big barrel of water. The pioneers might even take some chocolate for special occasions. They would also take a cow if they had one.  They would use it for milk and meat.  Pioneers made their own clothing so they brought cloth to sew, needles, thread, pins, scissors, and leather to fix worn-out shoes.  They had to make their own repairs so they brought saws, hammers, axes, nails, string and knives.

Pioneer Tools and Things They Took


This is a draw knife. A draw knife was used to peel the bark off the logs when the pioneers were building their cabins.
This is a grinding stone. There is a foot pedal that you use when you want to make the wheel turn. Then you can sharpen knives,  axes, and other tools on the wheel. 
This is a picture of one of our team members and a pioneer plow. It was used by simply pushing it along. A small shovel  plows the dirt.
These are augurs. Pioneers used them to drill holes for the homes they were building.  They would drill holes in the logs so a wooden peg could be inserted to hold the log in place.
On the left is a cooking pot. On the right is a cauldron. Both were used for cooking purposes.
This is a corn seeder. It was used to plant corn seeds. You simply inserted the corn into the little box on the right, and opened and closed the handles.
This tool is a fro. It was used to make shingles from old tree stumps. 
This is a meat grinder. This tool was used to grind raw meat before cooking or making sausage.
Pioneers used this tool to make wooden moldings for their new homes.
Saws were some of the most important tools the pioneers took with them.  This is a bow saw.



ax 15
shovel 12
hatchet 9
hammer 7
hoe 3
anvil 150
grinding stone  75
animal trap 15
rope 4



Personal Items    Pounds
doll 2
jump rope  1
marbles  1
family Bible 2
books 2
hunting knife 1
bag of clothes 40 
fiddle 2
snowshoes 8
rifle 10
pistol 7
first aid kit 3



Food             Pounds
flour 150
tea 10
salt 50 
sugar 50
coffee 100
bacon 40
dried fruit 100
dried beans 100
cornmeal 10
spit peas 100
oatmeal 8
vinegar 25
pickles 50
dried beef 25
salt pork 5
assorted spices 5
barrel of water  350
vegetables 5



Household Goods         Pounds
coffee grinder 5
rug 40
bedding  20
mirror 40 
dutch oven 70
butter churn 40
table and 4 chairs 200
piano 900
organ 2000
baby cradle 75
wooden bucket 10
bedpan 2
butter mold  1
rocking chair 50
pitcher and bowl 5
cooking stove 700
cooling utensils 2
stool 10
spinning wheel 80
lantern 4
clock 1
10 candles 1
set of dishes 40


(source – written by nine and ten year old students at Floresville Elementary School in south Texas)