Percent Applications

Find each commission or sales tax, to the nearest cent.

1. total sales $9450       commission rate: 8%

2.  total sales $1089      sales tax rate: 6 1/8 %

Find the total sales, to the nearest cent.

3. commission: $41.50         commission rate: 8%

4. commission: $614.25      commission rate: 6.25%

5.  A model car has a list price of $46.20. The model is on
sale at 15% off. Find the total cost to the nearest cent
after a 4.5% sales tax is added to the sale price.

6. James earned $39,600 last year. He paid $11,250 towards
rent and $1,422 in car payments. What percent of his
earnings did Jon pay in rent and car payments?

7. Ms. Simms is paid an 8% commission on all sales. She
had sales of $89,400 for the month. Ms. Harris works for
a different company, and also sold $89,400 for the month but
made $447 more than Ms. Simms. What is Ms. Harris’
commission rate?