Peace Restored


Asa is a sad story because he was a good king. Then he turns bad. He doesn’t, however, turn to the Baals or sacrifice to Molech. We’re not told that he ever does that.

He does to turn other means of salvation other than the Lord. He had seen the Lord’s deliverance from a million-man army. But, when the king of Israel is working to cut off all access to Judah, it feels different. Asa knew he could call on God to help him in battle. Israel had a long history of stories of the Lord’s strong arm to save in battle.

This was different. The king of Israel was scheming against him. He could see the city being built that would cut off supplies to Judah.

Asa took what should have been the Lord’s and gives it to Syria. What does he give the king of Syria? He gives him gold and silver, but that’s not what I’m referring to. Asa buys Syria’s alliance and Syria breaks their alliance with Israel and fights against them and wins. Asa gives Syria the glory for delivering them, the glory which should have belonged to the Lord.

When Asa is confronted with his sin, he doesn’t humble himself like David. He gets enraged and hurts others. When he gets a disease, he still doesn’t humble himself. We’re told he relies on physicians instead of seeking help from the Lord.

I don’t know if the physicians help at all. We’re not told. We are told that the disease grows severe, and we’re told that within two years he dies.

Could he rely on the doctors? No. I don’t think so. But he did anyway. There might have been temporary relief or hope. We don’t know. We do know his disease grows worse and then he dies. But that’s not really the point.

Could he rely on Syria? No. I don’t think so. But he did anyway. They came and fought Israel. They spread the curse, more war, more violence. They are more than willing to turn against Judah in the future. They just showed that they are willing to break allegiances for a price. That’s not a good ally.

Could he rely on the Lord? Does the answer seem obvious? Almost, like, duh! Then why don’t you rely on Him?