Peace for the Brokenhearted

  1. The Lord gathers the outcast. He heals the brokenhearted. He binds up their wounds for healing.
  2. Christians seek a lot of physical healing, but the Lord heals more than that. He can heal those past hurts that have tagged along into the present. There is healing and freedom from it.
  3. To seek healing from the Lord, just approach Him in humility. “The Lord lifts up the humble.”
  4. And while you wait on the Lord, sing to the Lord with thanksgiving.
  5. He is near to His children. He wants near Him those who fear Him and who put their hope in His steadfast love. Trust in His unfailing, enduring, devoted love for His children.
  6. He is able to do anything. He is great and abundant in power. His understanding is beyond measure.
  7. He knows how to make peace in your borders. He can bring peace into your life, into your heart and mind, into your circumstances.
  8. He is the Lord of hosts and His command goes out swiftly to all the earth.
  9. And all the earth bows to the Lord of all.
  10. The Lord receives praise from all creation because all creation is under His Lordship. While our enemy has the world under his sway and even has power to control the wind, such as the wind that knocked down the house with Job’s kids in it, he’s ultimately submitted to God himself and must obey where boundaries are set for him.
  11. There’s no fear for the believer in the storm; even the stormy wind fulfills His word.