Parenting Advice


David speaks Solomon’s destiny over him. Do you want to know why Solomon will ask God for wisdom when given the chance? Because he felt the pressure to be wise, to live up to the expectation put on him.

His father David says to him, “I know you are a wise man” and then tells Solomon of all the situations he has to deal with. Solomon does deal with them, seemingly pretty wisely, but I’m sure he felt the weight of having to make the decisions.

David also leaves a list of responsibilities in his son’s hands. David doesn’t handle the matters himself, but he doesn’t just leave them be. David points out what responsibilities are needing his attention.

It’s a transition. David won’t be there to always point these things out. This is the time he has to steer him in the right direction.

David also, most importantly, reminds Solomon not only to obey God’s commands, but to keep His statutes, commandments, rules and testimonies as written in the Law of Moses.

David tells his son of the great reward in keeping the law of the Lord, that he will prosper in all that he does and wherever he goes.

Teaching our children to know and obey God’s word is the best gift we can give them.

Solomon’s earthly wisdom will bring him wealth and fame, but not what he really needed. Solomon himself will in the end declare that only one thing is needed: to fear God and keep His commandments.

Keeping His commandments includes being forgiven of sins.

Part of keeping the commandments is allowing God to show you where you have sinned and turning back and making things right and asking for forgiveness and allowing Him to cleanse you.

We saw in David’s life how the deliberate sins had severe consequences. He received forgiveness because he truly repented and turned his heart back to the Lord, but his life should serve as a warning to live in the fear of the Lord. We all need to know that sin is dangerous!