Parent’s Guide / Lesson Guide


When you use the workbook, you aren’t getting the full course. It’s meant to be paired with a guide. Consider how an online lesson might have a video and then a practice. The workbook page is just the practice. You need the lesson. Those lessons are in the Parent’s Guide.

Also, the workbook might not have all the topics covered in the lesson. For instance, in language arts you might be asked to play a rhyming game with your child, or in math practice odd and even. Spelling words for a spelling test activity would be found in the Parent’s Guide, not the workbook. For older kids in language arts, their lesson guide has sample writings that they aren’t getting if they are just looking at the workbook. The older levels of math, starting with Math 5/6 the Parent’s Guide is a little different. It’s not the lessons, but more helps for understanding. I try to set up the word problems for you, give more examples, and talk you through what they are doing.

Parent’s Guides and Lesson Guides are a necessary resource for those using our courses offline. Please make use of them!

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