Parent Add-On

At this time, it’s possible to add a link for three outside resources to your student’s My EP Assignments profile. Here’s how.

Go to the Parents/Settings page and select the student. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and click on Parent Add-Ons.

Add Ons 1

On the Parent Add-Ons page, click Add-On-One. (If you’ve already added a link and want to change what you have there, your page will look different. Follow the instructions below.)

Add Ons 2

Type in a name for the add-on. Type in the full, working link address (including http://). If you’d like it to show a lesson number other than Lesson Number 1, you can change that, also.

Add Ons 3

Click Save and Return to Settings at the top of the page. Then click Save and Go to ____’s Page at the top of the next page. That will take you to your student’s profile and you will see the add-on at the bottom of the subjects boxes.

Click Add On Two or Add On Three to add additional websites following the same steps listed above.

Just like with any classes added through the Extras page, a class added through the Parent Add-On page will not show up on the Parents/Settings page, but you will see it on the student’s page. These classes will show up every day. There is no way to change how often they show up or to choose them to show up just on certain days each week.