Norway History

Major pieces of Norwegian history include :

  • The battle of Hafrsfjord ( 872 A.D. ) resulted in small kingdoms becoming one, larger, kingdom, ruled by Harald I of Norway which is Harald the First.
  • In 1349 half of the Norwegian people died, getting sick from the bubonic plague. The last of the early Norwegian kings died in 1387.
  • The union with Denmark : Norway was the weaker part of the union with Denmark, which lasted until 1814 when Norway tried to get free. The Norwegian constitution was written in 1814 and signed on May 17th that year. However, Denmark, on the losing side of the Napoleon wars, lost Norway to Sweden, on the winning side. Norway could not escape the much greater military force of Sweden, and formally entered into union with Sweden in November 1814.
  • The union with Sweden : It lasted from 1814 until June 7th, 1905 when Norway finally became a separate nation again.
  • In 1905 Prince Carl of Denmark was elected King of Norway and he became King Haakon VII, and his wife, Princess Maud, became Queen Maud. Their son, Prince Alexander of Denmark, became Crown Prince Olav and followed after his father as King Olav V in 1957. Olav and his wife, Crown Princess Märtha, had three children; Princess Ragnhild, Princess Astrid and Prince Harald (later Crown Prince Harald and in 1991 he followed his father as King Harald V).

King Harald is the first king born in Norway in over 600 years. He has two children; Princess Märtha Louise and Crown Prince Haakon Magnus.

In World War I Norway was neutral and served as a trading nation. Norway tried to stay neutral in World War II, but was occupied by German forces from 9 April 1940 to 8 May 1945.


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