1. In the days of Noah, it says that everyone had their thoughts on evil all the time. They hadn’t learned the lesson of taking control of their thoughts and turning them to God and His ways.
  2. The earth was full of violence and was corrupt. It was no longer as God had created it to be.
  3. God calls Noah blameless. Noah is human, so he must have faults, but by faith he obeys God’s command and we know that God credits faith as righteousness. God truly sees Noah as blameless.
  4. God tells Noah to build an ark. He gets specific directions on how to build it and who to bring along.
  5. He brings animals to repopulate the earth. And he brings animals that are an acceptable offering to God.
  6. The great flood came unexpectedly to those on the earth. They were just carrying on with their lives as normal. Noah, however, had been preparing for years, and his family was kept safe because of his faith and obedience.
  7. The earth is washed clean. Landscapes change. Nothing is untouched. Noah and his family spend more than a year on the ark.
  8. When they leave, they make offerings to God and God makes a promise. He promises to never destroy the world again by flood. They don’t need to be scared every time it rains.
  9. The Lord never wants us to be afraid. He gives us promises to keep us from fear.
  10. The Lord will destroy the world again, next time by fire. It’s not something the believer has to fear because we will be with Him and have our new bodies that will never grow old and die. And He will create a new heaven and a new earth that will never be corrupted. And He Himself will be its sun, its light. Amen!