New EP Math 5/6 Course

What’s new and how does it affect you?

The big difference in this course is just that we added more examples in the workbook, more worked out word problems in the parent guide, more explanations where we saw people asking questions in the facebook group. We also simplified a few lessons. As for the online course, we’ve moved away from exercises on Khan Academy, though I still link to their teaching videos. We have our own website now where the students will be doing their drills. It was made by the woman who made the math workbooks, so we can have any exercise we need on there.

If you are currently in Math 5/6, you can continue to use your current workbook. If you are using the online course, just continue. I will be switching in the new course this summer, in July. There are a couple places where lessons got moved right next door, where I swapped two lessons right next to each other. A few lessons are new. We swapped in another lesson on using negative numbers. We broke apart a few lessons to make them simpler. It only affects a few places in the course, and just a few days. So, if you use both the old workbook and the new course, you may spot it off on a few days. I don’t want anyone to feel they have to get the new books. You can continue with what you have. There’s no new thing being taught or practiced in the new books.

If you are just starting or coming from Math 4, you will just use the Math 5/6 course there on My EP. Everyone will be using the old course, and then in July I will switch in the new course and everyone will be using the new course. If you are using the offline books, remember that the parent guide is expected to be used alongside the workbook. They go together. Please get the NEW books. We made it easy to spot them!