New EP Math 4 Course

What’s new and how does it affect you?

The big difference in this course is that I added daily fraction practice throughout a lot of the course. I did go over the whole course, so a few things were changed here and there. A couple of weeks had some lessons switch, moved forward or backward one spot, something like that. The new Parent Guide has all the word problems set up for you and worked out multiplication and division problems.

If you are currently in Math 4you can get that extra fraction practice by either going to the online course and using those links, or you can print out this fraction packet and get those daily practices that way. Please note that the second half of the PDF is the answers, so you may not want to waste paper and ink on those.

If you are just starting or coming from Math 3, you will just use the Math 4 course there on My EP. Everyone will be using the old course, and then in July I will switch in the new course and everyone will be using the new course. PLEASE get the NEW books, shown below. Remember that the workbook is expected to be used alongside the parent guide. They go together. Make sure you are using the NEW books. We made it easy to spot them!