New Books!


You can find the read online and the links to Amazon on this page.

The Trumpet and the Swan is the new novel. It’s an end times story which teaches that you don’t have to know everything; you just need to know Jesus.

Acknowledge Him in All Your Ways is a short choose-your-own adventure book where you are on a mission trip to Macedonia and you need to trust God is in control and use His word to lead you to follow the right path or you might just end up leaving the country in disgrace.

The third book is the next book of Good Morning, Lord! lessons is available. The book of Exodus is now available. Genesis is already available. Others will be coming.

You can find the links to all of these to read online or to get the books by going through the EP Store. Click on “Lee’s Other Stuff” at the top.

Lee’s planning on doing a book club for The Trumpet and the Swan. I will be reading it out loud to the group and we’ll be talking about it. We’ll meet at 11 AM (Eastern) starting December 1st. We’ll meet over the next couple of weeks to get through the book. If we aren’t finished already, we’ll end on the 17th.