My Keeper

  1. Psalm 121 is a very famous psalm. It starts with, “I lift my eyes up to the hills. From where does my help come?”
  2. His help doesn’t come from the hills. The answer is that his help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. On the hills were the “high places,” the places where people made sacrifices to offer prayers and seek favor of the gods. Sometimes, they could be offering sacrifices to the God of the Bible, but they weren’t supposed to be doing it that way. The high places were places of idolatry. Places where they were seeking help outside of going to God.
  3. The psalm reminds us that God never sleeps. It also has something I pray every day and thank God for. I thank Him for sending His angels to guard us in all our going out and coming in. A nice thing to pray once you have kid drivers or adult children who are now living away from home.
  4. The main point of the psalm is that the Lord keeps you. The Lord is your keeper, your guard, not to keep you trapped, but to protect you from harm, to protect you from evil, to protect your life, to protect His life in you.
  5. We can be assured of eternal life because of God’s keeping. Assurance of salvation doesn’t mean we can sin all we want and be assured we’ll go to heaven. It means we can be assured He will keep us. If we go astray, He’ll go after us. A shepherd keeps his flock. Jesus would go after the one that went astray and seek him until he was safely brought back into the flock. The sheep isn’t safe away from the flock and the shepherd and all sorts of harm might come to it, but the Shepherd will do all in His power to bring the sheep back. That’s our assurance. We just have to choose to be in the flock, to have Him as our Shepherd.