Mindful of Us

  1. The Lord is majestic. He is enthroned forever. His throne is established in heaven. He is the exulted God. All His works are wonderful. He is creator of all the heavens and earth.
  2. Man is just a small thing in all of creation, but God thinks of us. He gave us this earth to rule and subdue. He is a defense to those in trouble. He knows what’s going on and would never forsake those who seek Him and put their trust in Him.
  3. The nations are judged, those rulers who lift themselves up and think they have power, but God sees the needy and poor and gives them hope.
  4. It can feel like God is not paying attention. It can feel like the poor and helpless are abandoned and, well, without help.
  5. But we know God is mindful of His creation. He hears and answers prayer. He will come with justice and strengthen the hearts of those calling on Him.
  6. We can trust the Lord to defend us, to take up our cause. The wicked may seem to win some rounds, but God wins in the end.
  7. He sees what’s going on and listens to our cries for help.
  8. Trust in the goodness of the Lord and sing His praises as you wait for Him.
  9. He tests our hearts. He wants us to call to Him. He wants us to wait on Him. He wants us to love righteousness and doing what is right, even when it seems like wrong is winning out.
  10. The Lord loves the righteous and gives them a wonderful promise. They will see His face.
  11. That’s worth waiting for. Call on Him. Wait in hope. See His face.