Mighty Warrior

  1. In thinking through these three psalms, I chose this verse as representative.
  2. Psalm 45:3-4 Gird your sword on your thigh, O mighty one, in your splendor and majesty! In your majesty ride out victoriously for the cause of truth and meekness and righteousness…
  3. Jesus is a mighty warrior. Yes, He is righteous. Yes, He is the one with the oil of gladness more than His companions. Yes, He rejoices with His bride, His queen.
  4. But He is also the mighty warrior who subdues the people under His feet, whose arrows pierce the enemy. He brings desolations on the earth.
  5. He is the exalted king. He reigns over the nations. We praise with shouts and clapping. We bow in worship.
  6. We acknowledge that He is God and we are not. We look to Him for our salvation, for our help, for our prosperity.
  7. But not just for us, for the nations, for the world.
  8. When I pray, “Gird your sword…” I am praying for revival. I call on Jesus to ride out victoriously, conquering and to conquer.
  9. We can clap our hands and rejoice at what He is doing and will do.
  10. We will have work to do and can always be doing the work of prayer for revival, but at the same time, only God can save.
  11. All the “real” work is His alone. He just lets us partner along as He does all the heavy lifting.
  12. Only God can save. Only God can change a life.
  13. We get to “be still and know He is God.”
  14. That “still” word means to relax, to sink in.
  15. Sink into His strong arms and let Him bring the victory.