May the Lord Do What Seems Good to Him


Joab is the commander of David’s army. His plan is to do their best, fight courageously, help each other, and believe God will do whatever seems good to Him.

What’s the difference between that and David’s battle against Goliath?

They both did what they knew to do courageously. David knew how to sling a stone. He went out boldly. The soldiers were trained for war and determined to go out with courage.

Joab and his brother agree to help each other out if needed. David goes out alone.

Joab is hoping God will think it seems good to save Israel.

David knew that God would defend His armies and stand up to the taunts defying the name of the Lord.

Proverbs 14:12 says, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.”

When something seems right to us, we don’t know the outcome. We’re hoping for the best. We don’t know that it’s right. It just appears the best option.

God knows the outcome. He knows what is right. He knows what is best. He knows there is no better way to carry out His plans. He is wise and good and loving and just and pure and faithful and holy and kind and patient and all-powerful and all-knowing and unchanging.

There is no way that seems best to God. God knows. He is sure. He is not going to change His mind. He’s not going to make a mistake. We can trust Him to do the things He says He will do.

We can trust Him to save us. We can trust Him to keep us, guard us from evil and harm. We can trust Him to work in us to live as Christ, to complete the good work He started in us when we received the Holy Spirit, if you’ve received the filling of the Spirit.

We can trust Him to defend us. We can walk about our day, whether quiet or in a battle, knowing He is for us and on our side. He is protecting and defending and helping and providing and caring and working His purposes out in and through our lives to His glory and for our good.

The greatest purpose, of course, is the life of Christ being made manifest in us!