May 4

The men of Israel gave ground…because they trusted the men…

Judges 20:36 ESV

This verse on trust is what I ended up choosing. It stood out to me.

They were trusting each other. They wouldn’t have before. They were defeated in battle twice. They are coming against one of their own tribes. Everyone was just doing what was right in their own eyes. What changed to cause them to be for each other?

Originally, it was something so hideous it shocked them into their senses. But then beyond that, the Lord humbled them through defeat until they were not just sad about things but truly humble and ready to turn to the Lord for salvation. They fasted and looked to Him.

This verse actually made me think of marriage. They trusted each other after God used something to humble them and bring them back to looking to Him.

Where the enemy meant evil, God intended good.

Remember that when things look their worst, it just means God’s best is still out there to come.

I can say it from experience. There’s a local man who likes to buy my husband and I lunch. He calls us “the beautiful people” and says our marriage is an inspiration. He doesn’t know us. He just sees us eating lunch. But there was a worst before we found the best. Trust. We’re at 25 years (2022).