May 27

…And he went into the house of the Lord and worshiped…

2 Samuel 12:20 ESV

David was asking God for the life of his child. I wrote yesterday about answered prayer. Here’s one on unanswered prayer. David gives us the proper response to not getting what we asked for, worship. He bows before the Lord, humbling himself and recognizing God for who He is.

Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise…

Psalm 119:76 ESV

There is a promise that comforts when the prayer is unanswered. Our God is acting out of His loving devotion toward us.

Pray in faith that your good and loving Father hears and answers all the prayers of those who abide in Christ and that He will answer in the best way for our good, to His glory.

I told you I don’t often pray as specifically as I did asking to go in August. I don’t want to play God and decide the where, when, or how things should happen. But let me give you a peek at the sovereignty of God in the interplay of our world. When we were gone that August, there was rioting in our neighborhood. Cars were smashed in front of our apartment building, violence in the streets. I don’t know what He did or how He did it, but He worked in the situation and prayer that we would be out of there.