May 21

…whom He raised from the dead … continued to bear witness … “the world has gone after him.”

John 12:9, 17, 19 ESV

We want the world to go after Jesus. We need to bear witness. Each believer should have a testimony of Jesus taking them from death to life. In the online Roma church my husband leads with his translation partner for Roma scattered in Europe, a man came to Christ this spring who was instantly delivered from alcohol and gambling. He went from death to life.

Each sin overcome is a testimony to life. Each healing is God bringing life from death. Each restored relationship is life from death.

If you have been crucified with Christ and you no longer live but Christ in you, you have testimonies to share of how God brought you from death to life. If everyone who calls themselves by His name were to live in His power to be a witness, sharing our stories, the whole world would go after Him. 🙂

I will tell you how God first taught us about healing. My one-year old had a high fever; he was a lump on the couch. We called our three-year old over to pray together for him, but she came over and prayed herself, “God please help Joshua feel better.” We thought it was the cutest thing we had ever seen, but then realized he was on the floor playing! We had no expectation at all of a healing, let alone an instant healing.