May 2

…And the Philistines came up and burned her and her father with fire.

Judges 15:6 ESV

She had pressed Samson to tell her the riddle because she was under a threat and feared being burned. She received what she had feared and what she had tried to prevent.

We can’t save ourselves.

We are safe in assuming God’s perfect justice was carried out in this case. But, what about us? What happens to us? Ever have the thing happen to you that you were fearing and trying to prevent? Did you recognize that God was wanting you to rely on Him for salvation?

God will give us what we need in order to be saved. In His goodness, He will let things get worse so we see we can’t save ourselves. Why? Because He loves us and desires our salvation. Salvation is by faith alone. We need to learn to trust Him for our salvation. He may help us, because He is perfect in all of His ways, by letting the thing we’re trying to prevent happen, so we can learn we make terrible gods. We cannot save ourselves.

In the psalm today, we read that God doesn’t deal with us according to our sin. We deserve hell. We’re not getting what we deserve. He’s acting not out of vengeance, but love. He’s always working out His heart desire, our salvation. Isn’t that what you want?