May 19

And afterward David’s heart struck him, because he had cut off a corner of Saul’s robe.

1 Samuel 24:5 ESV

Mind the checks. We talked before about the Lord using our heart to communicate, when their hearts burned within them. Here it is described as “his heart struck him.”

See the Lord as in control. Give Him each day. Give Him your body. Believe He is with you and in control. When you get a pang to the heart, try to drop everything in that moment and seek the Lord. Ask Him what it is and expect His guidance.

The Lord trains and disciplines me like a soldier. He has checked me like that just to train me to stop right away and turn to Him. Not to stop a thought or behavior just to train the response to Him. Because at the time, I was just continuing or just pausing while asking the Lord what was it and then just continuing when I didn’t hear anything. Or I would finish up what I was doing and then go to Him to ask Him what it was about. He’s taught me to drop everything right where it is and walk away and look to Him.

Mind the checks in the spirit. God is speaking to you and directing your steps.

One of my current favorite things to pray is from Psalm 37:23, that He would order my steps so that He would delight in my way.