March 7

…the seven lamps shall give light…”

Numbers 8:2 ESV

The lamps were to give light. In Revelation, there is a church in danger of losing its place among the lampstands. There is a threat of removal. They weren’t giving light.

They are the church that lost its love. They know we are Christians by our love. The definition of a Christian is not who believes Jesus is God’s son and that He died on a cross and rose again. The demons know and tremble.

We fulfill the law by loving God and others with the love poured into our hearts by the Spirit.

This morning who comes to mind as having lost their love is the portion of the church who have exulted the Bible as Supreme. (You know how much I love God’s word.) They love doctrine, not the Living Word. They love knowing truth, not the Truth. Missions becomes not about sharing God’s love but winning converts to their prescribed version of truth.

Let us so shine before men that they see our works of love and glorify our father in heaven.