March 6

Today I noticed in every reading things that pointed to future stories.

The Nazarite vow we’ll see in Samson and when Paul pays for the vow of his companions to show he’s following the law.

The workers are all given oxen except those who are to carry the Holy things. Someone will die because they don’t follow that rule and put the ark on a cart.

All of the clans’ offerings were carefully noted, as would be the two coins of the widow. Our sacrifices are noted; no one gives up homes, etc. that aren’t repaid many times over.

The destruction of the temple is foretold as well as earthquakes and wars.

In Psalms it says how no man can ransom another’s life. That’s why God had to do it Himself.

Finally, Proverbs…”the expectation of the wicked will perish.” It will happen over and over as God works out His good intentions bringing about blessing where evil intended harm.