March 5

In the resurrection, when they rise again, whose wife will she be? For the seven had her as wife.”

Mark 12:23 ESV

This question is an important one to the people we worked among. This is the kind of stuff they want to know. Their idea of heaven is wanting their flesh satisfied with the things of earth for all eternity.

How do we get them to understand that the joy of heaven is sinless perfection so that we live in perfect union with God and other believers when they have no concept of enjoying God or selfless love?

Christians forsake the things of this world so that the thing they desire in heaven is just to be with Jesus. We just want to gaze on His beauty, be in His presence, talk with Him.

We get to experience a little piece of heaven on earth as we get alone with Jesus in the secret place and thrill in the joy of His presence and the pleasure of being at His right hand.