March 3

… every devoted thing is most holy to the Lord.

Leviticus 27:28 ESV

There are things they are supposed to devote to the Lord. They are made holy by being set apart for the Lord. That’s consecration; that’s sanctification; that’s holiness; the being set apart for Him, which means being set apart for Him alone.

We can dedicate ourselves, our family, our possessions to the Lord. I picture Romans 12:1, how we are to offer ourselves a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. I picture an altar with fire, and I offer myself, and I offer my children, and I offer my home, and I offer my work, and I offer all my possessions and all those I care about.

I want the Lord to take them for Himself. I don’t want to be god over those things. I want them in the Lord’s hands, fulfilling His purposes.

Dedicate yourself and all you care about to God. He is good; He is loving; He is faithful; He is just. The safest place you can be is in His care, in His will, dedicated and devoted to Him.