March 28

…in time of testing fall away….hold fast…with patience.

Luke 8:13,15 ESV

There are those who respond to God’s word with joy, but their attachment is superficial. This is why I can cringe a little and end up praying for you all instead of singing things like “You never failed me.” I know it can feel like God failed us. (I love talking about God’s goodness so much because I’ve come through that trial with victory.) We need to praise the God who is love and love never fails. We need to praise the God who is only and always good. His mercy is enduring. His desire for us to be saved is unchanging. We need to praise and hook our worship on God’s immutable characteristics so we can always praise Him. If we hook it on Him answering our prayers when and how we want, we are in danger of falling away when the trials come.

I went through a trial of questioning God’s love and goodness. I did what this verse says: held fast with patience. I knew God was good and held tight until I could see it.