March 21

And when they had done this, they enclosed a large number of fish, and their nets were breaking.

Luke 5:6 ESV

I focused on the word breaking. They must have thought that was a great thing to catch so many that their nets were breaking. They couldn’t see ahead to their last fishing trip with Jesus, where they catch 153 fish without tearing their nets. There was something better.

Of course, there was much better, and they find it because they walk away and follow after Jesus. They immediately get it that with Him is the best place to be. With Him is the Promised Land, so to speak.

Contrast that with the tribe of Reuben who sees the “full net breaking” and decides that’s what they want. They give up God’s choice for them because of their human reasoning and understanding. There is human wisdom that says a bird in the hand is better than just the potential for more. But human wisdom is folly when you are living in a spiritual world with a God who’s calling you to His best choice for you.