March 20

And whatever cannot stand the fire, you shall pass through the water.

Numbers 31:23 ESV

This reminds me of baptism, being cleansed by the water and the fire. Part of our sanctification process is the burning away of self through fiery trials to allow the pure gold of Christ in us to shine through.

But I wondered about the statement that even though it was commanded they cleanse things with fire and water, whatever couldn’t stand the fire was to be cleansed with water.

There are times we go into the fire and don’t pass through as gold on the other side. There are times the temptation comes, and we fall right into the trap. The Lord, in His great mercy, provides a way of cleansing even then, a way of escape, Jesus. He is always the way out of trouble. He offers the “washing of the water of the word.” We turn to His word and renew our minds. We repent and take His truth and walk in it and allow it to change us and make us that pure gold we’re after.