March 18

…a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins…Prepare the way of the Lord…

Luke 3:3-4

The cry is still the same in order to prepare the way for the Lord. Repent. Repentance is what brings revival, on a large scale, and on a small scale. If you are feeling a lack of life in your walk with Christ, in your prayer, in your Bible reading, you need reviving. You get there by repentance.

Ask God to bring to mind what needs confessing. It doesn’t have to be big, bad things. The longer you walk in holiness with Christ, the more the little things will be the big things you need confessing. You are being sanctified, being made holy. There is no “good enough” in Christ. It’s the upward call of God.

If God’s showing you something new to walk in, you need to repent and go His way. It will bring life to your bones, to your mind, to your spirit. It will bring rejoicing. It will bring new struggles! But it’s all in God’s goodness of bringing you fully into His kingdom.