March 17

She did not depart from the temple, worshiping with fasting and prayer night and day.

Luke 2:37 ESV

Anna dedicated most of her life to prayer and fasting. When her life turned upside down, she sought the Lord, not another man.

Where do you turn in trouble? A woman I disciple was served papers. As she received those papers, she started praying. Her next thought was to reach out to me. I gave her psalms and prayed for her. She went into court with the trusting confidence that it was God that fights her battles. He did and she won.

Where do you turn? She didn’t call a lawyer first, though she did later. Her first instinct was turning to God and in knowing the weakness she felt, turned to someone who would help her keep her eyes on Jesus, not who would get her angry at her enemies or give advice from the world. Who is your help in times of trouble? When it hits, are you in the right mind having been dedicated to prayer and fasting and knowing His word?